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Praise for Dr. Blank

What Other Leaders Are Saying

“The most inspirational speaker I have encountered in over 30 years. Inspires senior executives to reach beyond their current capabilities and reach organizational and strategic goals with ease. Warren is the epitome of ‘world class’!”

“Warren is a high-energy trainer who will have your leadership team communicating better by the end of the day! Teamwork improved after our attorneys’ time with Warren and it was a training that everyone received value from attending! Thanks!”

“Your leadership program received rave reviews from a fairly tough audience. I highly recommend Warren Blank to any organization that is interested in improving its leadership skills.”

“You really kick-started our Wednesday session. Your presentation was a significant contribution in making our conference an unqualified success.”

“Your positive, energizing approach provided powerful and practical tools for all participants in the leadership training program. Every person gave your course the highest possible rating!”

New Audio Program

Audio programs are great ways to leverage your time into meaningful learning events. The Science of Leadership and the Art of Gaining Followers audio program addresses issues such as: * The “laws” that define the leader role * The key differences between leaders and managers * How to maximize leadership at all levels in an organization * The core skill sets demonstrated by the most effective leaders, and * Practical “action ideas” on how to be a more effective leader